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This project is aimed at creating a stable working port of the Android Operating system on Nokia Internet Tablets, including the N900 and N8x0 devices.

The Nokia N900 was released midst Symbian's struggle to keep up with the competing iOS and Android platforms. The Maemo platform which the N900 runs is a full Linux iteration on a mobile device and gives the user the flexibility to do anything on the device. 

However since the N900 is the only device to run Maemo, it hasn't been picked up much among developers, and users are disappointed not to find major developers releasing their apps on the Maemo platform.

Android which was released not too long ago has quickly climbed its way to become one of the most popular mobile 
platforms. Android is tightly integrated with Google's services like GMail, Maps and Search. The Google Marketplace 

allows users access to thousands of popular apps. 
Because of the Android platform's popularity, even Apple devices have a port available (iDroid) for users who want to use Android on selected Apple devices.

The NitDroid project works hard to bring the latest versions of Android to Nokia's Internet Tablets. While full functionality of Android has still not been achieved on the N900, the latest version of Android, 2.3 Gingerbread is already available for the N900. Use this link to install Android on the N900.

For installing Android on older N8*0 devices check here and here