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Angry Birds Space

The highly anticipated sequel to Angry Birds is now available for download for iOS, Android, PC and Mac. The new game titled Angry Birds Space introduces us to new gameplay elements while retaining the familiarity of the original game.

The story starts with are favorite flying friends living peacefully on earth taking care of their eggs, when a space portal opens and a new bird appears carrying a golden egg. Before the new bird recovers from his landing a mechanical hand reaches through the portal grabbing the golden egg. The new bird realizes what has happened and gives pursuit using the Angry Bird catapult to help his momentum. Our birds who are watching suddenly realize that the mechanical arm has taken their own eggs along with the Golden egg and you know what happens when someone steals their eggs.

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Whats new in Angry Birds Space ?

Your greatest asset or obstacle in this game is gravity, just as it played a role in all the other Angry Birds games gravity or sometimes the lack of it, helps you move around and navigate through Space. The pigs find ways to hide themselves behind asteroids and planets and it's up to you to help the birds find their way toward the pigs by adjusting their trajectory through space and gravity.

You will have to navigate through space debris and various obstacles on your quest, and use gravity between two planets to propel yourself toward your target.

When you start the game you will have three chapters (Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Eggstroids) to choose from. Rovio promises regular updates, so we will be seeing new chapters soon. The first two chapters have 30 levels each. 

The Eggstroid chapter is updated with new levels as you discover hidden eggs in the first two chapters.

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