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What's new on DJ's Mobiles

We at DJ's Mobiles work hard to bring you the best online experience. As you know the website is available as apps on Symbian, Android and Windows Phone if you dont want to visit our mobile website. We also have a Chrome Web App to help you quickly access DJ's Mobiles across your devices.

Here are a list of changes that we have brought to DJ's Mobiles over the years:

version 10.0.1
  • Reverting back to Disqus comments system

version 10.0.0
  • Enhanced interface with quick access to DJs Mobiles social networks
  • Added 'Major Announcements' panels below header
  • Added 'Contact Us', 'About Us' pages
  • Added Footer content - Privacy, Terms of Use etc.
  • Added Windows 8.1 integration. You can now pin DJs Mobiles to your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 homescreen
  • Improved Windows 7 integration. You can pin DJs Mobiles to your taskbar with quick link access
  • Introducing Google+ comments. We have introduced Google+ comments by temporarily retiring our Disqus commenting system
version 9.1.0
  • Improved navigation and integration with DJ's HUB
  • Updated SPECS (specs.djsmobiles.com) with improved navigation
  • Improved website for mobiles

version 9.0.0
  • New category column to improve filtering and navigation
  • Improved social navigation
  • Visual enhancements

version 8.0.0
  • Added new side column for improved navigation
  • Enhanced tabs for improved navigation
  • Various Tweaks to website
  • Added Print & PDF feature to pages, so users can take - printouts or convert a guide to a PDF for easy reading
  • Various Tweaks to website
  • RSS Feed fixed

version 7.3.0
  • Added Carrier and Brand pages

version 7.2.2
  • Added the quick access links to Device Spec blogs

version 7.2.1
  • Added Banners for important events

version 7.2.0
  • Updates to DJ's Mobiles Store

version 7.1.0
  • DJ's Mobiles can be added as a shortcut to the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch homescreen with retina resolution app icon

version 7.0.0
  • Added ability to pin website to Windows (7 or higher) taskbar. Includes Jumplist icons to Nokia Blog, Android Blog, Apple Blog, Microsoft Blog and BlackBerry Blog
version 6.0.4
  • This version brings improved navigation to the website allowing you to quickly jump between various categories of news

version 6.0.3
  • Enhanced search and other visual enhancements

version 6.0.2
  • Added DJ's Mobiles Store and other visual enhancements

version 6.0.1
  • Added featured posts and other visual enhancements

version 6.0
  • Migrated from website to a blog format for easy access to news and posts. 

version 5.0
  • New visual update to celebrate 2 years.

version 4.0
  • Migrated from blog to website format for added functionality   and better content management.
  • Combined website and blog content under a single platform.

version 3.0
  • Improved navigation and functionality

version 2.0
  • New visual update to celebrate 1 year

version 1.0